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Temetum Capital Corp., the parent of Taliera, is an investment arm of the Wallin Family. Much of our focus is on giving back wherever possible by working with our global network of investments, business relationships, friends and partners to do good while doing well.  


About Dignity Moves

DignityMoves was founded at the beginning of the pandemic by a group of concerned business leaders who are all members of Young Presidents Organization (YPO).  Already frustrated with the state of unsheltered homelessness in our communities, we knew that the problem was about to get much worse.  We have pooled our collective expertise and resources to take a fresh look at the situation, and find innovative solutions.


American Freedom Fund

American Freedom Fund (AFF), 501(c)(19), was founded in 2016 by three combat veterans, LT Don Bramer, MAJ Rob Miller, and Petty Officer Gabe Stecker. After their individual tours of duty, they sought a way to continue serving their brothers and sisters in arms by providing the Veteran community the opportunity; the means to maintain the fellowship; and the support of the military as they transition towards their next career.

AFF empowers Active Duty, Reserve and Separated Service Members through a mission of athletics, education, and advocacy. The goal of AFF is simple: provide a place for active duty and Veteran service members to come together in a spirit of camaraderie to participate in recreational AND competitive sports; to afford the means and opportunity for student Veterans who seek a career in defense or public policy to achieve the next step in their goals; and to raise awareness and financial support for Veteran focused organizations that are providing crucial resources for Veterans in the community.

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